Fine Print

Snow Day Cancellation

Classes, Clinics & Little League may be cancelled due to the weather conditions at the facility. The decision to cancel programs will be made at 2pm on the day and communicated via Social Media and email to all participants. Lil Sluggers classes may be made up following the "make-up classes" policy listed below. Unfortunately, no credit or refund can be provided for cancelled clinics or games.


Lil Sluggers classes are 50 minutes long with a water break about half-way through. Classes are restricted to a maximum of 6 children, they are once a week and sessions run 12-13 weeks.

Dress Code

Children in Lil Sluggers classes should be comfortable and wear their Lil Sluggers shirts with running shoes. Ball caps are optional.


Ball gloves are not required for Mascots (2yrs), Minors (3yrs) or Majors (4yrs) classes.


Lil Sluggers shirts and ball caps are included with the annual membership. Registrations are non-refundable and mid-session registrations are accepted if space is available (fees are pro-rated).

Make-up Classes

Missed Lil Sluggers classes may be made-up within the session. Make-up classes must be pre-arranged with the office so the coach is prepared and to ensure the class has space.


Many children require a few weeks to become comfortable and freely participate in our structured classes. If, after attending three (3) consecutive Lil Sluggers classes, you wish to withdraw we will happily refund your class fees.

Clinics and (non-Lil Sluggers) classes are non refundable.

Little League fees are non-refundable although withdrawal prior to the first game is refundable less an administration fee of $75.

Memberships are non-refundable.

Age Requirements

Children must be at least 2 years old prior to the first day of class.

Coach Requests

We assign coaches to our Lil Sluggers classes just before each new session begins. You may request a specific coach but it can never be guaranteed.