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Classes & Clinics

Snow Day Cancellation

Classes & Clinics may be cancelled due to the weather conditions at the facility. The decision to cancel programs will be made at 2pm on the day and communicated via Social Media and email to all participants. Classes & Clinics may be made up following the "make-up policy" listed below.

Classes & Clinics

Classes & Clinics are 50 minutes long with at least one water break about half-way through. Class & Clinic sizes range depending on the number of coaches and ages of the children. All Classes & Clinics are co-ed with the mix of boys and girls dependent on registrations. Parents/guardians are required to remain on-site while their child(ren) are in class. Some classes also require on-field parent/guardian participation.

Classes & Clinics are weekly with sessions following the school calendar;

  • Fall (mid-September to  mid-December),
  • Winter (mid-January to May), and
  • Summer (end of May - end of August).

Dress Code

Children should wear running shoes or soccer cleats and the provided uniforms. In the colder weather, extra layers underneath are sometimes advised for the youngest.

Shin guards are recommended once children start weekly scrimmages. Additional uniforms, jersey, socks, etc. may be purchased.


Registration fees and membership are due at the time of registration. Memberships are non-refundable and class fees are pro-rated if joining an existing session.

Make-up Policy

Missed classes may be made-up within the session. Make-up classes must be pre-arranged with the office so the coach is prepared and to ensure the class or clinic has space.


Many young children (0-4yrs) require a few weeks to become comfortable and freely participate in our structured Soccer 1-5 classes. If, after attending three (3) consecutive classes, you wish to withdraw your 0-4 year old we will happily refund your Soccer 1-5 class fees. Memberships are non-refundable.

Clinic & League fees are non-refundable.

Age Requirements

Children must meet the minimum age requirement before the first day of class.

Coach Requests

Soccer World coaches are predominantly College & University students with ever-changing schedules. We ask our coaches to commit for the full season but this is not always possible and occasionally coaches will change mid-session.

Coaches are assigned to our programs based on availability, experience and program needs. Assignments are done just before each new session.  You may request a specific coach but it can never be guaranteed.

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